The Los Angeles and Orange County region continues to dominate in the tech and media industries and area firms have increased their footprint by 6.4 million square-feet since 2016, now occupying 40.5 million square-feet of office space, according to CBRE’s 2020 Tech & Media Book report. Key report highlights include:

  • Tech and media firms occupy 40.5 million sq. ft. in Greater Los Angeles and Orange County, 14.5% of office inventory.
  • Reflecting the region’s status as a long-time film hub, the tech and media footprint is dominated by traditional media firms which occupy over 10 million sq. ft.
  • In the last two years, tech and media companies have leased 11 million sq. ft., led by traditional media firms (2.4 million sq. ft.) and streaming companies (1.9 million sq. ft.).
  • Tech-oriented sub-sectors such as software and hardware companies also occupy a large (13.6 million sq. ft.) and growing slice of the market.